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【Luxury! Special T - Bone Approximately 1kg course】 120 minutes [Drinks] 7 items 6000 yen ※ 4 people ~ offer

【Luxury! Special T - Bone Approximately 1kg course】 120 minutes [Drinks] 7 items 6000 yen ※ 4 people ~ offer

By using a coupon6000 yen

  • 7items
  • 442persons
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes All-you-can-drink (LO 20 minutes in advance) * Please understand that we may correspond by bottled beer rather than draft beer depending on the number of people.

Reservation deadline
Coming up to 2 days before 23 o'clock in the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

New appearance! The lavish "T - bone steak" lined with sirloin and fillets on the left and right of T - shaped bones is a greedy taste that you can taste twice from a single steak.Approximately 1 kg and there is considerable volume, offering for more than 4 people.There is a commitment in the thickness of the meat and there is no doubt about eating ◎ It is only a course for cooking because it wants to taste the taste firmly, but you can add as much as you want for a single item drink or a single item drink.Two days in advance reservation required!

Course menu

[Course content Example]

■ appetizer platter

■ Carlotta special salad

■ soup

■ Authentic Pizza of the stone kiln

~ Chef's recommendation Pizza ~ Please inquire the contents.

■ Volume of luxury T-bone about 1kg ♪

■ One item to choose

~ Today's Recommended Pasta or Make no mistake Become rich Cheese risotto ~

■ Today's dessert

Because contents may differ depending on the purchase situation, please acknowledge it.

Please note that this course requires advance reservation until 2 days in advance.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer
Sapporo Black Label
· Vino
· Red wine / white wine ※ You can also prepare bottles!
· Whisky
· High Ball / Ginger High Ball / Cork High Bowl / Whiskey Rock / Whiskey Water Rate
· Potato shochu / wheat shochu ※ Please specify how to drink.
· Cocktail
· <Gin> Gin Tonic / Jim Buck / Orange Blossom <Vodka> Vodka Tonic / Moscow Mule / Screwdriver / Bulldog <Cassis> Cassis soda / cassis orange / cassis grape / cassis oolong
· Cocktail
· <Campari> Campari Soda / Spumoni / Campari Orange / Campari Grape <Peach> Peach soda / fuzzy group / peach oolong
· Soft Drink
· Oolong tea / Orange juice / Grapefruit juice / Coca Cola / Ginger ale

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