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【King of cheese · Parmigiano Reggiano flame cheese risotto attached】 course 120 minutes [drinking] 4000 yen

【King of cheese · Parmigiano Reggiano flame cheese risotto attached】 course 120 minutes [drinking] 4000 yen

4000 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes All-you-can-drink (LO 20 minutes in advance) * Please understand that we may correspond by bottled beer rather than draft beer depending on the number of people.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Thurs, Sundays, Holidays

"Parmigiano Reggiano" is one of the leading cheeses in Italy, it has been manufactured with quality almost the same as the present since 800 years ago, and is also said to be "the king of Italian cheese".Also indispensable for Italian cuisine in Japan, pizza baked in ◎ stone kiln ◎ to popular cheese to risotto please!

Course menu

Carlta all handmade at our shop ★

We will provide you with a full heart.

【Example of course】

◆ Seasonal vegetable mousse

◆ Assorted assorted appetizers today

◆ of roast beef carpaccio

◆ Baked in a stone kiln Pizza's royal road Margherita

◆ Misa Mochi Grilled Pork

◆ King of cheese · Flaming cheese risotto of Palmigiano Reggiano

◆ Today's dessert

* Purchasing, contents may vary depending on reservation time.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer
Sapporo Black Label
· Vino
· Red wine / white wine ※ You can also prepare bottles!
· Whisky
· High Ball / Ginger High Ball / Cork High Bowl / Whiskey Rock / Whiskey Water Rate
· Potato shochu / wheat shochu ※ Please specify how to drink.
· Cocktail
· <Gin> Gin Tonic / Jim Buck / Orange Blossom <Vodka> Vodka Tonic / Moscow Mule / Screwdriver / Bulldog <Cassis> Cassis soda / cassis orange / cassis grape / cassis oolong
· Cocktail
· <Campari> Campari Soda / Spumoni / Campari Orange / Campari Grape <Peach> Peach soda / fuzzy group / peach oolong
· Soft Drink
· Oolong tea / Orange juice / Grapefruit juice / Coca Cola / Ginger ale

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